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World of Warcraft TBC Phase Two DPS Ranking S-Tier & A-Tier List


Beast Mastery Hunters

They are also known as the absolute powerhouses in The Burning Crusade. Hunters may seem a little off and a not sought-after class in World of Warcraft Classic, but the tables have turned in TBC. They are now one of the strongest DPS classes that players can choose in the entire expansion, as they top-off the meters of incredibility with their single-target damage outputs. The reason behind that is the pets in TBC which scale with your stats and enable you to deal an insane amount of damage when you’re at max level and the hits are scaled with the additional bonuses of your equipment. Beast Mastery Hunters also bring the ability of Ferocious Inspiration to the table, which is an incredible buff that is valued in raids, as well as dungeons.

Destruction Warlock

They are also known as the kings of the casters in The Burning Crusade. Warlocks excel at both; damage and utility in raids, which is thanks to their combination of extraordinary talents, scaling, and equipment options. It doesn’t matter whether you are spamming the abilities Shadow Bolt or Incinerate, you are likely to top the damaging meters during raids. Being the stronger casters, Destruction Warlock stack in the caster groups for unique buffed, high output groups.


Survival Hunter

While Beast Mastery Hunters center around dealing additional damage, every raid party has to have a Survival Hunter for its de-buff called Expose Weakness. It’s quite a valuable de-buff that can be used on the entire group for Physical DPS, and it gets better with higher agility. Survival Hunter is also excellent in terms of damaging their targets, and by that, I don’t mean that they are comparable with Beast Mastery Hunters but are still top-tier ranged DPS.

Arcane Mage

In the World of Warcraft Classic, Arcane Mages have been a joke to the players. However, thanks to the addition of the Arcane Blast ability, Arcane Mages are more considerable in The Burning Crusade. Arcane is the most powerful mage specialization in TBC as it brings exceptional damage output, along with decent buffs that help in making the mage more powerful than ever before. Yes, they do lack the raw power of Warlocks, but they are a close second so it’s worth a try.

Fire Mage

Also known to scale up and become the powerhouses of DPS, for tbc dps rankings, they lack the stats and equipment required in the expansion of the first tier. They are noted by their buff called Improved Scorch, which inflicts more fire damage upon the enemies, as one of the best classes in tbc. Other than that, there’s nothing they cannot offer that the Arcane Mages have to bring to the table. Even though fire is decent on its own, it needs a little scaling before the class can move a level up.

Demonology Warlock

These Warlocks are quite the opposite of the Fire Mages. They are incredibly strong at level 70, and when we talk in terms of Karazhan and other raids, Demonology might be the preferred specialization for warlocks, for one of the wow classic burning crusade. Once Warlocks start to obtain level 70 crafted equipment or raid gear, they fall slightly towards leading into the later tiers, for tbc dps rankings (or best classes in tbc). It doesn’t scale as nearly well as Destruction, and it doesn’t have any de-buffs to offer, as one of the wow best classes burning crusade. Many of the Warlock specializations still utilize the Demonology Tree to obtain the Demonic Sacrifice ability to buff their shadow or fire damage.

How to Level a Priest in World of Warcraft

Chances are you came to this guide because you were feeling discouraged about leveling your shiny new priest in World of Warcraft. Before you go any farther, stop. If your character is below level thirty and is not a Blood Elf or Night Elf, reroll to one of those characters. Those two classes have by far the best racial talents (and in my opinion are the best-looking) to be a Priest.

Now, if you are rolling a Priest just to be a Shadow Priest and nothing else (mainly to PvP) stop here now. Druids are almost as good healers in Player versus Player since they are fairly decent at Heals over Time. Although, if you want to PvE heal, roll a Priest. That being said, priests are terribly annoying to level. If you pull three or more mobs you WILL die. It takes about 15 seconds of preparing before each mob and you pretty much have to drink after every mob. If you pull two mobs you will have a difficult fight on your hands, so try to avoid it where possible. Since we are terrible at this 2+ mobs pulling questing is not usually for us. Instead, we have to grind our way to 80 /sigh. So leveling pretty much sucks hard face for us Priests. Don’t worry little young ones, even though leveling stinks, healing stinks, you don’t get any credit, get yelled at whenever anything goes wrong, and you are terrible at PvP (whilst being one-hit by every class), you still have Mind Control! Does mind Control have to be one of my favorite things about World of Warcraft? Your DPS talking smack near the meeting stone? Mind Control him or her and run that sucker off a cliff!

Anyways, as I stated before as a Priest (unless you are in a group) will pretty much need to grind instead of the quest. If you pick up skinning this really helps you while leveling against beasts. If you don’t feel like picking up the Skinning Profession, then you should grind on humanoids. This is because usually on average, humanoids drop better materials, equipment, and drop money. Also, you can get cloth from them which are very valuable.

Basically, you want to stick to large, open areas while leveling your Priest, since you can see far and wide. This ensures that you will pull as few mobs as possible. Your best bet, though is to find a leveling partner and grind with him or her. Or, better yet, get a group of friends from real life together and level with them!

Best Gems for a Paladin Tank to Socket in World of Warcraft (WoW)

You’ve led your group through the instance. You stood up to the big, bad final boss. You’ve done your job as a Paladin tank very well and now it’s time for your reward. You scoop up a brand new chest piece, full of sockets and waiting for gems.
So now comes the tough decision – what precious gems are you going to spend your money on?

Focus on the Best Stats for a Tanking Paladin (Tankadin)

First you need to identify the stats that you want to maximize as a Tankadin. The most important ones are – defense, stamina, agility, and spell damage. Intellect and mp5 can be useful, but they shouldn’t be a major focus.

Raising your defense increases your overall avoidance – chance to dodge, block, parry, and be missed. Agility can also increase your avoidance – by increasing your chance to dodge – but you get less avoidance per item value.Stamina is always a favorite stat for tanks. Many warriors will sacrifice everything else to maximize their stamina – don’t fall into that trap. Avoidance is as necessary as hit points in end game raid tanking. Paladins need even more avoidance, because Holy Shield is underpowered. Try to balance your stamina gains with defense/agility.

Don’t over-emphasize the spell damage. It is an important stat, but the clearly the fourth most important. For most purposes, a Paladin can tank fine with about 200 spell damage. You can achieve that with a nice weapon (i.e. Continuum Blade or Crystalforged Sword) and a plus spell power to weapon enchant.

Once you are uncrushable (or very close) and have a lot of hit points, you can diversify some of your item value into extra spell damage. You’ll eventually need it, but not until your fellow raiders are decked out in tier 5 or tier 6.

General Gemming Advice

It’s generally a good idea to fit each socket with the correct color gem. The socket bonus may not be much, but it is a free bonus. +3 dodge rating isn’t a lot – until you have it on five different items.

Remember – items are balanced by item value. By gaining the socket bonus on each item, you’re diversifying your stats and getting the most bang for your item value. You should only socket the wrong color gems if the socket bonus is truly useless for a Tankadin (i.e. + Spirit).

By the same token, you should use the more expensive gems whenever possible. If the item is temporary, you can put cheap green-quality gems in. If you plan on using the item for more than a few days, spend some gold and buy some blue quality gems. The bonuses add up when you’re using ten gems.

With that in mind, there are a handful of gems that you could put in a given color. Note: All of the suggested gems are the expensive, blue quality gems. Search on Wowhead for the first word in the gem’s name and you’ll find the cheaper version.

Best Gems to Buy

Rigid Dawnstone. +8 Defense Rating, Yellow. Buy this if you need to maximize your defense and reach 490 (uncrittable status).

Enduring Talasite. +4 Defense, + 6 Stamina, Green. If you have reached uncrittable status, buy these. It will diversify your defense and stamina – and they’re generally cheaper than Dawnstones or Stars of Elune.

Solid Star of Elune. +12 Stamina, Blue. These are good for maximizing stamina. They are also expensive, so you’d be better off buying split-color gems like Talasites.

Glowing Nightseye. +5 Spell Damage, +6 Stamina. Good for boosting your spell damage and threat generation. Use these sparingly – but they will fill a red socket for you.

Shifting Nightseye. +4 Agility, +6 Stamina. Agility helps with your overall avoidance by increasing your chance to dodge. These should be used sparingly, but are good for filling a red socket.

Bottom Line

Remember to use your gems wisely and maximize your armor’s item value. Spend a little money and get the better gems.

Most importantly, don’t waste your time loading up on unimportant stats like intellect and mp5. Stamina and defense should be your major goals, and spell damage and agility can be used to fill out red gem sockets.

Who knew that accessories would be so important in WoW?