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5 Noticeable Runescape Double XP Weekend Bugs that Seriously Need to Be Fixed

Jagex finally rolled their second installment of their long awaited Double XP Weekends, but unfortunately there were quite a few bugs. Following are several Runescape bugs and fixes that need to be fixed for the next Double XP Weekend.
XP Bonus Resets

After the first hour and a half of the last Double XP Weekend the XP bonus multiplier reset and allowed RS players – that got in early – an extra hour and a half of XP bonus. Being the gaming fanatic that I am, I was awake when the reset went down and was able to get the extra XP, but lots of people didn’t and it was extremely unfair to everyone else. Jagex needs to iron out the XP multiplayer kinks before they roll out their next Double XP Weekend bonus.

Extreme Lag

The word lag gets thrown around a lot in the Runescape world, but to use the word “lag” to explain how buggy the last Double XP Weekend went would be an understatement. Due to constant overpopulation of worlds and more activity than Runescape probably ever sees during any other weekend lots of potential XP was lost due to lag. I’m not sure if Jagex can add extra servers or limit world access during Double XP Weekends, but something needs to be done about the Double XP Weekend lag next go round.

Annoying Random Events

Random events were so prevalent during the last Double XP Weekend that they almost ruined the weekend altogether. Random Events are there to thwart the attempts of botters and Macroers from running rampant during the Double XP Weekend, but due to the increase of experience, Random Events popped up several times more than they would if it weren’t for the XP bonuses. It’d be almost impossible for Jagex to stop Random Events during the Double XP Weekend, but they may be able to reduce the weight of the longer taking Random Events from occurring often.


Random Events were supposed to slow down the botting and macroing that took place during the Double XP Weekend, but they weren’t effective at all. Bots ran rampant during the Double XP Weekend and helped to further ruin the GE economy and making the RS World more unbalanced.

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